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Avial is traditional Kerala cuisine which is made mainly during sadya’s and festivals. It’s the main vegetable dish during sadya…. Continue reading »



Teheri is an Indian menu made of rice and small pieces of beef. Although, it looks like biriani, yet the… Continue reading »


Makhshi (stuffed zucchini with ground beef)

Makhshi (stuffed zucchini with ground beef) also known as shaikh al mahshi is a popular dish in Levant Arab area…. Continue reading »

yougert- koi

Climbing Perch Fish with Yogurt- Curry

Climbing Perch fish, a very testy and favorite fish to many Bengali’s (People of Bangladesh and North Eastern India). As… Continue reading »

Bagra Baigun

Bagra Baigun

Begun (Baigun) is the local name of eggplant in some parts of Bangladesh. This recipe is named to an eggplant… Continue reading »


Arabian style mashed potato

Arabian style mashed potato┬áconsist of potato and other popular ingredients in the Arabic cuisine like Tahini and pain yogurt ,… Continue reading »